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Protest against League of women Voters.

“ It concerns me that an organization such as LWV, which should stand for empowerment of voters, would enact policy that would disenfranchise so many in Ward 12," said Taylor "this is a slippery slope for our community." The impact of such policy out of line with state and local mandates is far-reaching. The Ward 12 candidate field is diverse across racial lines and those who are vaccinated/those who are not. Currently, 60% of all black Cuyahoga County residents are not vaccinated. The LWV's policy sends a clear message that the votes of this population do not matter, their personal choices are not respected, and neither are their opinions regarding this upcoming election.

As a candidate, Ms. Taylor respects the rights of others to choose whether to be vaccinated or not, but it is obvious the LWV's do not. Tomorrow those who made a private choice will be denied entrance into this public forum. As councilwoman, Ms. Taylor would stand in support of full access to information for voters, against information suppression and discrimination of any ward 12 resident for any reason.“

-Shalira Taylor

“In 1984 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated the League of Women’s Voters for its role in aiding Communist League of women voterscandidates for local offices who were masquerading as “Progressives.”


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