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A discussion With The Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague & Shalira Taylor candidate for State Rep.

Ohio State Treasurer Robert Sprague joined Ohio State Representative candidate Shalira Taylor for a public forum to discuss, several key initiatives implemented by Sprague during his tenure as State Treasurer, including ResultsOHIO, Family Forward, and Ohio Gains.

As part of her campaign, Taylor wants to show her support for these new programs, particularly ResultsOHIO. Attending guest organizations are SERENITY HEALTH (Sara Flemings) Project White Butterfly(Sarah Szelagowski), South E. Cleveland Resource Center(Odetta Fields), The Black Shield (President Mister Jackson), OCEC FOUNDATION (Kudzai Maremachani), You Can Escape The Box (Tina Barhams-Affum)

Thank you Treasure Sprague for your time and information about funding and resources.

Thank you to all of our attendees.

Watch full video here:

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