On this page you will find: The organizations and people of all walks of life that are in support of Shalira Taylor for State Representative. Click the link below to join the list. 


  • Republican Party of Cuyahoga County

  • EASTSIDE GOP (Pres. Lucy Stickan)

  • Many Blessings Ministries (Pastor Rosa McAllister)

  • OAMF

  • Odetta Jordan President of The Community Yahoo's

  • CAMEO (Cleveland Arab Middle Eastern Organization)

Elected Officials

  • Mike DeWine (Governor Of Ohio)

  • Bill Sitez (State Representative House Majority Leader)

  • Dawn Carbone-McDoanald (North Royalton Councilwoman Ward 5) 

  • Daniel Langshaw (Former North Royalton City Council)

  • Marcus Epps (Euclid City Councilman Ward3)


  • George Taylor  (FATHER)

  • Sherron Taylor (Mother)

  • Lisa Nelson

  • Gregory Aselbekian

  • Mikhail Alterman (Senate Candidate)

  • Landry Simmons Jr. (Senate Candidate)


“I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your: endorsement, faith and confidence in my leadership. As we move forward into an era of growing leftist agitation within our borders, higher prices and discord around the world; I have no doubt that together we can fight this Marxist takeover of America, the murder of our unborn, the continued war on our gun rights, and an overreaching government. We together, can fix the challenges we face by poor government policies. We will stand together in our faith in God and love of country and create a brighter future for all Americans”

Candidate for Ohio House of Representatives (OH-18)
Shalira Taylor